Having wanted to play violin since she was about 4, Laura finally got her first fiddle at 9 or 10. Starting out with strict classical training, she soon tired of this and started learning folk fiddle by playing along to Chieftains CDs. Several years later however, she found bluegrass which seemed even more fun! Bluegrass led both the twins to Sore Fingers Summer Schools in 2003 where they heard the dobro for the first time when Sally Van Meter was teaching there. Laura was hooked and decided to take it up about a year later. In the duo Laura also plays guitar, as well playing some mandolin and cello at home and attempting to learn the pedal steel. In 2008 she achieved 2nd place at the RockyGrass Fiddle Contest in Colorado, America.

Laura’s musical heroes are: Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, Rob Ickes, Ben Sollee, Brad Paisley, James Taylor, Alison Krauss.

Laura plays a Custom made Rayco resophonic guitar, a Sonic violin, a Guild GAD-30 guitar and endorses K&K Pickups.